About Me

Hello!  I want to first say thank you for looking at my site.  I really appreciate that.  

I wanted to add this to my page so that you could get to know me in case you didn't already.  I live in a small city in North Carolina called Thomasville.  Once known as the furniture capital of the world and once home to a premier manufacture of furniture, Thomasville Furniture.  That's no longer true.  Though there's not much here, it's a great place to raise a family and live and experience a slower pace of life.  

My family is my life, period.  I don't shoot much these days, and that's fine.  Most of my time is spent with my little girl, and wife.  Along with our faithful dog.  We are either playing on the swing set, sidewalk chalk drawing, or exploring in the yard and woods.  Never a dull moment.  

So, back to what I am here for.  Photos!  I have experience with many genres of photography.  I love landscape photography, but that's difficult to get out and do and have a young family.  I enjoy sports photography.  That too is difficult being at a ball game every night of the week.  Then there's weddings.  Well, that's a whole different dynamic.  I enjoy weddings, while the wedding is going on.  The months, weeks, and days leading up to it, my nerves are shot!  I do enjoy when I see the clients face viewing their pictures.  Makes it worth it.  

Then there's food photography.  I love to cook.  My family loves to eat.  I like photography.  Hey, that's a winning combo to do right there!  I enjoy cooking on my Big Green Eggs.  Yes, Eggs.  I have two BGEs, a large, and a medium.  I also have a Kamado Joe Joe Jr as well as a 36" Blackstone griddle (love this thing).  You'll see a good mix of my work out of any of these cookers, as well as the oven in the house, though not as much fun as cooking outside.  

Come in and stay awhile.  Again, I appreciate you taking a look!